Lavender products from Lavender Your Life bring you Provence

Organic Lavender oil: tranquility and relaxation in a bottle

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Lavender Your Life’s organic lavender oil is of the highest quality. The oil is extracted from two of our varieties: the Lavandin Grosso Ada and the Lavandin Grosso Super.

In addition to its enchanting scent, lavender oil contains beneficial properties. It acts soothing, sleep-promoting, aphrodisiac, aids concentration and keeps mosquitoes at bay.

Bottle of pure, undiluted oil – 10 ml

Lavender soap: pure well-being for skin and hair

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The deluxe lavender soap and shampoo bars contain our pure, distilled lavender oil.

La Savonnerie Bruxelloise, purveyor to the royal household, processes our organic lavender oil into wonderfully fragrant soaps.

Lavender soap – 250 g

Lavender shampoo bar – 250 g

Lavender duo pack – 500 g

Lavender gin: the taste of Provence in your glass

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The lavender gin indulges your taste buds and is a perfect blend between the extract of various annual flowers and lavender distillate. The alchemy between these two creates a premium gin of top quality with a subtle lavender note that balances the whole.

Premium gin, small batch
Vol: 50 cl
ABV: 39
Serving tip: top with a neutral tonic and a slice of (blood) orange.

Lavender bouquets: the smell of summer and vacations in your home

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Lavender bouquets from Lavender Your Life are pleasing to the eye and fill any room with a delicious lavender perfume. Choose the large Grosso Ada bouquet with its captivating fragrance or go for the deep dark purple Diva bouquet with a more subtle aroma.

Grosso Ada
Freshly picked: 500 g, dried: 50 g

Freshly picked: 450g, dried: 45 g

Zoe Bizoe's Lavender-Marseille soap

Our absolute best: Zoe Bizoe’s Lavender Marseille soap. Perhaps the best soap on the planet, in a beautiful and durable metal soap box. A must have for everyone!