Lavender Your Life
is the Belgian Provence

Lavender Your Life is a lavender farm in Meerdonk, in the wonderful Waasland region, where you instantly feel like you’re in Provence. The purple splendor extends across five hectares.

The lavender project is a creation of Bart Verelst, well-known green journalist, author and founder of De Bloempothoeve, in collaboration with Tom Lemaire, involved in the social vegetable garden Vasse Kweek.

Origin of the lavender project

In 2020, Bart planted the first two acres of lavendin lavender fields, but it wasn’t without challenges After a year of trial and error, he consulted the specialists at France’s PPAM, L’Union des Professionnels des Plantes à Parfum, Aromatiques et médicinales. This, on the one hand, provided a boost in the professionalism of De Bloempothoeve and, on the other hand, led to a variety of species in the lavender fields: Lavender Alba, Lavender Arctic Snow, Lavender Blue Ice, Lavender Imperial Gem, Lavender Rosea, Lavendin Grosso, Lavendula Angustifolia Hidcote and Lavendula Angustifolia Hidcote Pink.

Some varieties are more beautiful in color, others give more oil.

Sustainable and climate-friendly lavender cultivation

The choice of lavender is entirely in line with two important pillars. Firstly, Bart aims to cultivate a sustainable and climate-resilient plant species that can withstand drought and heat, requires minimal fertilization, and remains productive for years. Secondly, he consciously opts for the short supply chain, where the end product is made on-site and requires as few intermediaries as possible. Bart also wants sales to remain in the hands of De Bloempothoeve so he can monitor the quality and sustainable distribution of natural lavender products.

Natural wellness lavender products

The result of natural lavender cultivation are magnificent “Farm to Pleasure” products where pleasure is at the center. Lavender Your Life’s lavender products go beyond the kitchen. They find their place in the bathroom, bedroom, and living room, where the scent of lavender brings a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere to the home and the shower. The range includes natural lavender oil, lavender soap, dried lavender bouquets, seasonal lavender honey and lavender gin from our Garden Gin Distilleries.